The Writing of Soul Mates

  The idea for Soul Mates originally came from a challenge. My daughter and I decided to do a writing exercise called Character Sketches. In this exercise you fill out a form with questions about your characters. By answering the questions in the Character Sketch it helps the writer to create a believable and well formed character.  In our challenge we each filled out the form and then exchanged sketches. The challenge was to write a story using the character the other person had created. My daughter gave me Christian, a writer who lived in an RV and traveled around the country writing weird stories. Now any writer wants to make their story unique and I was no different. So now I had this writer who could get into all kinds of trouble simply because he had the freedom to go anywhere at any time. He could have stumbled upon a murder, been a murderer or formed a transvestite rock band. The possibilities were endless and the “what ifs” began. I was always curious about reincarnation so blending that in seemed only natural. I always thought that anyone who was cruel to animals would come back as that animal so they could learn the price of their actions. That thought led me to what if anyone could come back as an animal? What if you wanted to try life as a cat would you only have to ask God? Or maybe it was a crap shoot. Whether you come back as a dog, cat, fish, man woman, whatever? Roll of dice and you’re there. Poof! You’re a dog! Where do you go from there? A dog could have the life of a princess or end up in a junk yard or worse. The possibilities were endless. 

The possibilities were SOUL MATES (A different kind of love story)    


Soul Mates, A different kind of love story.