Writing Betrayed by an Angel

Two ideas/beliefs came together; 1. I believe we all have a guardian angel. One day I was wondering what if someone didn’t have one. Why wouldn’t they and would it mean anything for their future? 2. I believe we write our script before we come to this life. Lately, I’ve been considering the theory that if we can write our script, we change it too. Why would there be a rule that’s written in stone about not changing it? What if our mind has more control over this stuff than we know? That led me to wonder if we change our destiny, do we screw up the meticulously woven cosmic connection we have with others on this planet? Merging these two ideas became the story; Betrayed by an Angel. I created Shay Deville, the main character in Betrayed by an Angel. An average woman who is about to get married to Ben and she’s at the happiest point in her life. Except when guardian angel, Merrick, saved her life months ago her destiny ended. Where does she go from here? Will Shay’s life now interfere with Ben’s written destiny? One that was already planned before he came to earth and didn’t include Shay?   Then I started thinking about who would protect Ben’s destiny? His life plan is being altered by someone whose destiny ended and wasn’t even supposed to be on earth. If we all have a guardian then Ben’s guardian angel would still be on duty, right? Creating Nicholas to protect Ben’s interests injected a little comedy into the story. Nicholas takes his guardian duties very seriously and nothing can deter him from rescuing Ben except maybe a hot fudge sundae. I decided that by saving Shay, Merrick has to take some responsibility here. So Shay goes after her ex-guardian angel for some answers. I mean, if you could find the guy who mucked up your destiny, wouldn’t you demand some answers? With these thoughts in my head the book unfolded and morphed into what I originally called Disregarding Heaven. I liked this title because the guardian angel that saved Shay went against the rules and disregarded Heaven’s laws.  After a while I thought Betrayed by an Angel conveyed the idea behind the story in a clearer fashion so the name changed. 
See you in the pages of….Betrayed by an Angel